Pets Safety and the Potential Dangers of Ejuice

E-liquids are so pervasive nowadays that it’s almost standard that if you want to unwind and relax, you have an e-cig or a vape in your hand. They can be a tremendously stress-relieving activity, and the feeling of pulling a nice long drag on the vape and letting out a healthy exhale can be one of the greatest feelings in the world. However, it is important to note that when you engage in vaping that, ejuice can be very hazardous for your pets. Yes, as much as we love our ejuice and e-cigs, & vapes, we love our pets way more, of course. And because of that, it’s paramount to realize that when we’re vaping that we’re actually putting them in some considerable danger. So before you continue to vape around your pets, be sure to keep the following information in mind. It might not only help save the life of your pets, but it might save you and your family a lot of grief. We love our pets more than anything else, so there is absolutely no reason to put them in unnecessary danger. And it doesn’t mean you have to stop vaping altogether. It just means that you have to be more aware of where you’re vaping, and when your pets are within proximity of the vapor and its cloud.


Among the most curious and creative of all domestic pets, cats are definitely on top of the list. But sometimes, that curiosity and penchant for exploring can put their nine lives in danger. If you leave your e-cig around, you definitely can’t do that if you have a cat. One of the most active substances in the-liquid is nicotine, and if your cat gets into that, you’re going to have a bad day along with your cat. This is primarily the reason why when you’re not using the e-cig, you should definitely put the actual vaporizer in some of the chambers or locked away from the rest of the pets. This will ensure that no one else can touch them, and if you’re planning on doing this for long durations, you’ll be able to prevent any unnecessary compromisation for your pet. This is one of the main reasons people are so paranoid with cats, and it’s definitely something you should be concerned about.

Another issue is the fact that the cats can actually physically get sick from just touching the e-liquid itself. E-Liquid is typically composed of many different substances, but the base of it is glycerol, which is typically made from vegetable oil. This is a relatively safe substance by itself, but aside from that there is a very powerful neuro-stimulant: nicotine. This is a substance that is often found in a lot of different chemicals, but because it’s in e-liquid, it leads to a whole host of other problems, problems that lead to greater ones when you throw a cat into the mix. Cats get sick because they usually end up touching the e-liquid and the transdermal ingestion of the liquid into the cat’s body can cause a lot of problems. This should be a big concern if you have a cat that’s known to explore and get into things. You absolutely can’t have this happen, because if it does, your cat is going to be in a lot of danger. The most sensitive transdermal areas are any exposed cuts, the cat’s paws, and of course, its mouth if it tries to ingest the liquid.


Dogs are typically less agile and curious as cats, but they can also be more aggressive and have very high prey drives. This is great for evolutionary biology and surviving for centuries alongside humans, but it’s not good because they can accidentally bite or get into things they otherwise shouldn’t be around. One of these things could end up being your vape. Many dogs mistake these vapes for toys or something to chew on, and as a result, they bite into the vape and ingest the -liquid. Very similar to the issue we laid out with cats, this liquid is very toxic to dogs. The smaller the breed, the more likely ingesting the liquid is going to cause problems. The smaller the animal, the less room for error they have in terms of ingesting nicotine, this is why smaller breeds are especially at-risk if you leave your vape hanging around. But thankfully, dogs cannot climb and jump as easily as cats, so if you put your vape in a high place locked-away during non-use, you’re going to be in good shape and will most likely not have to worry about any kinds of issues. But aside from the liquid itself, a battery or atomizer being swallowed could be a choking hazard or tear up the inside of the dog’s GI tract if it’s left untreated.

The Good News

By keeping aware of where your vape is at all times, you can really reduce the chances that something bad is going to happen to your pet. It’s rather easy once you’re aware of it to keep the things that will most likely pose a danger to your animals out of their realm of access. But the good news is that you can pretty much vape as much as you want to your heart’s content. Even if you were to blow a smoke cloud in their direction (again, we’re saying if this happens accidentally, we DO NOT endorse doing this joking or not joking), they should be relatively safe because the nicotine that is left in a remnant cloud is so miniscule. It’s almost not even there. In general, it’s wise to keep your vape not lying around in general. If you have kids or small children, they are also at risk because like your pets, they have no idea what danger a little vape could pose if they accidentally swallow it.

Things You Can Do to Make Sure your Pet is Healthy

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